Acoustic feedback doesn't always work properly

This is something I used regularly on C7.5 and older:

  1. Create an instrument track
  2. Make a MIDI clip
  3. Go into the MIDI clip
  4. Use the pencil tool and add a couple of 16th notes
  5. Make sure the “Acoustic feedback” button is lit
  6. Click and hold with the mouse - drag a note up and down - you hear audio from the VSTi
  7. Select a note with the mouse - now press up/down on the keyboard - you hear nothing

This seems to only happen on some VSTis and I can’t figure out why.
It also only seems to happen on short notes. In fact, if I enlarge these notes to 8th notes, then this DOES work OK.

Try this project:

“Warmth” works (with keyboard).
“Meh” does not.

+1 I’ve the same issue with pizzicato notes with Spitfire libraries. Annoying issue. But if the notes are long enough the feedback works well.

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Do you guys work with low amount of RAM?

I have the same issue and i have the feeling it’s related to the RAM being full so the sample supposed to be voice-feedbacked can’t be played…
(I don’t have much RAM and work with an external hard-drive)

I’m not sure but that could be an explanation…

Anyone more insights?