Acoustic Feedback in Key Editor continuously spams if Drum Map O-note is not I-note

  1. Create a new drum map
  2. Only change the O-note on a pitch, e.g. C1, O-note —> C#1 (can be anything but C1)
  3. Load this drum map into a midi track and open the key editor for this track
  4. Create a Note Event in ANOTHER pitch than the one you changed (don’t set to C1, in this example)
  5. Now, with acoustic feedback turned on, move this note using the mouse to C1 (you will hear the other notes it passes trough just fine)
  6. As soon as C1 is reached, a non-stop stream of C#1 will be spammed to the output, with no Note Off events ever being sent, even when releasing the mouse. Restarting Cubase or the VST it is connected to is the only way to recover from this error.

This works for any combination where the I-note differs from the O-note.
I’ve tested with multiple VST and configurations, fresh installations and different Cubase versions, this is a consistent error.

Does it do it if you edit or move in the drum editor? I haven’t noticed this in the drum editor. If it only happens in key editor I have to ask why are you using key editor when you are using a drum part?

If you are using a drum editor not for the reason designed then maybe you would be better using a modifier instead.

Thank you for your reply!

Tested in all MIDI Editors: Key, Drum & Score, both Key- & Drum Editor have the same issue, but the Score Editor did not (to my surprise). To clarify: playing MIDI keyboard, exporting to .wav or any general playback is not an issue and it works perfectly - it’s only the acoustic feedback!

What I’m doing is that I currently have 5 MIDI track each mapping to different VSTi for different drum sounds. I figured I could just merge them into a single MIDI track using Drum Maps, and just route the different O-notes to the different the instruments. For reference it’s the KeepForest Devastator drum stuff I want to merge to a single MIDI track.

The drum map would look like this:
C1 → C1 for VSTi#1
C#1 → C#1 for VSTi#1

D#2 → D#2 for VSTi#1
E2 → C1 for VSTi#2
F2 → C#1 for VSTi#2

F5 → E2 for VSTi#4

Played around with it, and came up with the test case described above as a consistent way to reproduce the error.

I use Key Editor just due to personal preferences - but as stated, it’s the same issue in the Drum Editor.

If there is a workaround I would love to hear it!

If I get a chance I’ll have a look later today or tomorrow and reproduce it. It’s been a while since I used a drum map in that way. It was back when I ran external synths and drum modules. Then I used to use one drum map and send it to different instruments on different midi channels and notes.