Acoustic Feedback in VariAudio blasting speakers out and ears in!!! Dangerous!!


I would like to bring up an issue regarding the Acoustic Feedback feature in VariAudio, by which the volume level at which any audio segments is played back by the Acoustic Feedback feature does not reflect any Gain/Strip/EQ/Inserts/Fader changes applied to the corresponding audio clip.

For example, I have a session where I have a reduction of 20dB on an audio clip (-20dB applied using the “gain handle” on the audio clip). It thus play’s back at a certain level through the track itself. When I open the Sample Editor by double clicking that audio clip, then go to VariAudio with the Acoustic Feedback button activated and click on any segment, it plays back very loudly at full gain (0dB) just as if I hadn’t applied any gain changes to the clip. Extrapolating, you could actually blast your speakers out and your ears in if you wished (very seriously dangerous).

The exact same issue hold for any changes to the track, i.e. Fader level and any Insert level. This issue could therefore be reproduced by applying reductions whether on the audio clip, on the track fader, Strip, EQ, track or any inserts, etc! This is VERY dangerous and could be fixed easily by playing back the Acoustic Feedback through any applied clip gains AND the complete audio track itself, instead of routing directly to Control Room.

Thank you for correcting this issue promptly :slight_smile: