Acoustic Feedback on piano roll glitchy with EastWest PLAY

All other libraries work just fine but when I place or modify a MIDI note on the Cubase 8.5 Pro piano roll that talks to a PLAY instance, I get back an EXTREMELY brief “fart” of response from the PLAY instance. It plays the proper note for maybe a couple of ms before cutting off. It does this about 90% of the time, occasionally playing and sustaining the sample properly.

When I do the same thing (playing or modifying a note) in the Score view, PLAY responds perfectly. In both cases, PLAY is the only VST that gives me problems. I have other VST instruments in my template that work perfectly in all cases; it’s just PLAY that isn’t playing nicely with the piano roll Acoustic Feedback in Cubase.

Am I alone? I’m posting on the EastWest forums as well, trying to get an answer. As-is, I basically have to keep Acoustic Feedback off in the piano roll which is a drag.

I’ve played with ASIO buffer sizes and enabling/disabling ASIO guard. Nothing had any effect on this issue.

Anyone have this problem? Any thoughts?

Computer specs:
i7 3930k
Windows 7 Pro
Everything on SSDs
M Audio FastTrack C600 USB audio interface