acoustic feedback = shortcut ?


i’m wondering if there’s a way to create key command for “acoustic feedback” in midi editor… can’t find it.
thx for help


I’m sorry, this function is not in the KeyCommands list.

The easiest way, how to check it is to trigger the function, and then open the KeyCommands. The latest triggered function is always selected.


thx for your answer.
sorry what do you mean by “trigger the function” ? (i’m not english)


I’m also not english, so probably I wrote it unclear, sorry.

I mean, just to “do” the function. For example if you want to find, if there is a KeyCommand for the Acoustic Feedback, just click to the button in the Key Editor. Then immediately, open KeyCommands. Another example, if you want to know, if there is a KeyCommand to Open MixConsole, just open it (from Devices menu). Then immediately open the KeyCommands, and you will see, there is a KeyCommand assigned.

I hope, I explain it better, now.

oh i get it that’s a good trick thx.

I asked for this way back during the Nuendo Version 5 cycle. I don’t understand their priorities and how this one little shortcut would interfere with the schedule. Something so simple and useful but completely left undone for all this time? I think I asked for this back around version 2 as well. Oh well. Maybe when I get around to updating to version 8 or 9 I will ask again just for the hell of it.

Bump. Tried this.