Acoustic Guitar simulation w/Electric Guitar

I apologize if this is covered elsewhere. I’ve attempted to search, but it’s very possible (being so new to DAWs) that I’m just not searching with the correct terms.

I have found lots of Acoustic Guitar simulations/VSTs with various Midi plugins (such as Strummed Acoustic from Komplete, etc). What I can’t seem to understand is if this is solely for Midi inputs. What I’m attempting to do is use my electric guitar, plugged into an input on my Komplete Audio 6, track the audio recording in Cubase, but alter the sound to be an Acoustic Guitar, or a Bass Guitar, or anything else. Similar to how the VST Amp Rack works, I would assume that you would just install a plugin and choose that option, then you have a simulated sound just like you can simulate your amps.

So my questions are,
1, does anyone know if this can be done?
2, if so, is it done using a lot of these midi-plugins like mentioned above, or is there some other plugin I should be looking for?

I am using the current version of LE if that makes any difference. Thank you for any imput.