Acoustic guitar track<<<> 'A Symmetry of 2'

Just thought id post a link here for any of you Fellow Cubase users to check out this acoustic track. Its called A Symmetry of 2.

Any feedback or opinion would be completely welcome :slight_smile:


Nice track. Good playing and a nice recording. Only suggestion I’d offer is that the verb is a bit too heavy. The guitar sounds good with a big room sound but the mid range region of the verb is to heavy. With the long decay of the verb, the body of the guitar sound get’s blurred.

I would try just eq’ing the verb return’s and scoop out the mid range a bit (maybe drop it 3 or 4 db around 800 hz or so. That would leave the big room sound on the high freq regions but leave the body of the sound a little more focused.

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Well honestly I couldn’t of asked for a better response. Thx Karl.

I guess you told me exactly what I wanted to hear as i wasn’t happy with it myself.

I’ve tried to take on board your advice and have reposted on my myspace a much clearer version. Though to be honest im still not completely happy with things. More tweaking still to come… Advice was really great though.

any further views/opinions/input or insight still welcomed. Very much a work in progress…

Cheers :slight_smile:

Although the recording IS a bit heavy in the lo mids, it’s not horrible. The problem is there is some bad “warbling” in the track and I’d bet big money this a MySpace thing.

It’s better, pulling the verb off the mid/low’s gave you some better definition but I agree with twilight…there’s something a bit woolly with the guitar sound. The verb hid it. Can you describe the recording chain and do you have another version of it (wav file maybe) or can you setup an account on soundcloud and upload it there?

well id love to say 3rd time lucky but its been a few more to be honest :slight_smile:

newer version up there. it would however appear the ‘wabbling’, slightly tinny effect (at times) is something to do with myspace. Its not quite like that before anyway. tried different versions but its not at all the quality of the original. more than disappointing. :confused:

The lo-mids i have tried with.

Get yourself an account at You can set up a free account there, playback quality is good and they give you a reasonable amount of storage in the free account. I’ve also heard pretty good playback from Read their info pages but have not had a chance to try them out personally.

FWIW, I have lot’s of FINISHED tracks that are still works in progress :wink:

All the best,