Acoustic guitar VST software compatable with Cubase LE 6

I’m interested in purchasing acoustic guitar vst software which would be compatable with Cubase LE6. I plan on using it to develop basic practice tracks in Finale, convert to MIDI, import into Cubase, and develop the playback audio file to practice rhythm and lead on acoustic guitar. I think that the Cubase audio for guitar sounds too much like a computer, would like a sound which is closer to that of an acoustic guitar. I have looked at Evolution Acoustic guitar and MusicLab Real Guitar 3, online. I would like to know if they are compatable with Cubase LE 6, prior to purchaseing the software.

Any thoughts?


Indiginus SM4 is excellent and it’s only around 40 USD, I also have Real guitar and find myself using SM4 more often…

Kevin :slight_smile:

Indiginus is only for Kontact (can not use in Kontact player). Looks pretty apart from not having Kontact.
Something that works with Halion or on its own is required I believe?

:blush: sorry…forgot about needing Kontakt, my apologies…dunno if it works with the free Kontakt player :slight_smile:

Nope, i checked as I was going to purchase (after checking demo). They make it clear that it wont work with the Kontact player, which is good of them as they could have left that off and just took peolpe money that did not care to check.

that’s a shame…last time I looked K5 was around 400Euro, which is more than buying Real guitar…If I had to do without Real guitar or SM4 I’d do without Real guitar.

good luck, Kevin

theres actually a great offer on for Komplete 9 at the minute but i am not that sold on their sounds.