acoustic pitch feedback not working

Hi, all. Oddly, the acoustic pitch feedback function has stopped working (Cubase 6). I click on Variaudio, the track gets analyzed, I click on the acoustic pitch feedback button and it highlights, but when I click on, or move, a segment, there’s no sound. If I hit play, I hear all, but I can’t hear an individual segment like I used to. I’d sure like to have that function back. Anybody ever encounter this sort of thing? Thanks for your help.

Plenty of people have encountered this, that’ s why the forums are full with that question and the answer to it.

Well, I appreciate that information. I’m new here, and I did search before posting, but wasn’t able to find anything on this. Can you give me an answer, or direct me to where the answer is? Thanks.

If you’ re using the control room, configure it correctly, if you don’ t use it, turn it off.

That was helpful. I turned it off, and the problem is solved. Many thanks.

You can also keep the Control Room active by letting it use your main monitors non-exclusively. Just go to:

Preferences | VST | Control Room

and UNcheck this item:

“Exclusive Device Ports for Monitor Channels”

This way you don’t have to power off the Control Room.

Hope this helps.
Iam Nemo