acoustic remix

unfortunately I had a drive meltdown and lost the original tracks which means jasmine’s vocal has to stay where it is, I know it could come up in the mix. maybe someday I’ll redoo this whole thing. anyway I added some new slide parts, tried to master the surviving 24 bit render and pull some vox out. I also bumped the bass a bit, I thought it was important to this style, my bi-amped yorkvilles eat bass for breakfast so I’m curious if you think its too much.


Very nice! Given some of the limitations you said you were facing, it sounds pretty
good to me :sunglasses:

hey thanks for your extra time in the forum, its appreciated by all of us. and I’m guess the bass is ok

very nice…

Beautiful song. Beautiful voice. I can’t comment accurately on the bass because I just listened on my crappy speakers at work. However, they usually sound pretty muddy/bassy and the bass didn’t seem overpowering to me.

Too bad about your hard drive. I’m trying to be more diligent about backups, myself. I think the bass sounds just fine. It’s a good song. Wish you success in recovering what you can.

hey thanky, coincidence I was by your page and listened to “sound bath”

lol, that name still cracks me up.
thanks for coming by again, glad you like

weird, for so many years nothing ever happened, didn’t even see a friends drive crash. but ya, it won’t ever happen again. I’ve got 2 ext drives now, one I’m backing files on and the other I’m ghosting whole directories. I also got an online backup drive for extra shiz.
thanks for listening in

Yeah I liked this one also, although not as much as the drum and bassy jazzy one, couldn’t get into this as much (but that’s just because of my personal tastes). The piece is well written and performed. The thing I liked most, as usual with stuff like this, is her voice. Sang well and ultimately just had a good overall sound of all the correct elements, especially for this kinda thing, blends very well with the acoustic guitar.

appreciate you coming by for this one, too. the style gets a bit downtempo so its a little strange at first listen. don’t want to hog the board so this prolly should fade away now, its done as much as I can do with it.
thanks again