Acoustic synthesis

Bunch of tiny magnets on a plate on the bridge of an acoustic guitar. DSPs control the magnets to reshape the strings yielding…magic. Not digital no amplification

Several videos. This one explained it best for me

Very cool!

Very Kool!

I think this is amazing.

I didn’t see any smoke or mirrors

Somebody smart thought about how an E-Bow works.

This is quite fascinating indeed!

Not to be a wet blanket, but this is certainly interesting from a “how did they do it” perspective. But I see little real application of the technology to produce music.

Am I missing something?

Clearly you are missing something. I guess some people missed how synthesizers might change the way music was made, as well.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being a wet blanket, as long as one is a wet wool blanket. Because a wool blanket will keep a person warm, even when wet (either the person being wet, or the blanket, works both ways).

This device is similar to the electro-mechanical Gizmotron invented by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme of 10cc fame.

Personally, I wouldn’t do that to an acoustic guitar, because I like the tone of an unmolested acoustic guitar.

But I think that device could really help beginning students of the violin, were it so applied. It could:
(1) shave years off getting anything more than caterwauling from beginning violin students
(2) boost violin sales
(3) easily replace the kazoo in elementary music education