Acoustic vst effect?

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a VST effect plug in that can give an electric guitar and acoustic sound?
Thank in advance!

dunno about making an elctric GTR sound like an acoustic but Indigenous SM4 is a pretty good virtual acoustic and it’s not expensive…

How about trying a VST Connect session with an acoustic guitar player?
I have had some reasonable success with this and you would get the true acoustic sound you are looking for.

Jim B

@OP: Revalver 4 does this and the next update for IK’s Amplitube will include such an effect (in the shape of a stomp box, IIRC).

Amplitube 4 is supposed to have this as one of its new features as pointed out above…


Ampkit has this feature but unfortunately not available as a VST.

It is based on this Boss AC3 pedal -