Act Now: Download New Steinberg Download Assistant!

What is this all about?

Did you read the email? It explained it very clearly, it’s time to update, if you didn’t a couple weeks ago, because the old version is being shut off.

This came out of the blue to me. No prior notification. At first I thought it was a scam.


I received the first notice of this today, 24hrs before the deadline.

I launched Download Assistant so it would self-update. Download Assistant failed to launch and showed an error message.

I tried the link in the email. The download timed out. several times

I tried launching Download Assistant again. This time it launched, and is somehow at version 1.3.5.

You’re right. Email requiring download and manual re-install is vulnerable to scams.

The irony of a download assistant that needs to be manually reinstalled.

While I was running Download Assistant, I expanded “Updates”. Nothing.
Then I manually checked. I have Groove Agent 5.1.11 installed and Groove Agent 5.1.20 is available. Why did Download Assistant not identify this update?

Customer feedback: This Download Assistant experience, like the download-code/activate-code/server-timeouts experience around upgrades, is disappointing.

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This was announced last week, in the “Announcements”. It seems to be an emergency fix.

I also had to download it manually (I’m on Windows 10). SDA seems to stay running in the backround even after the connection fails, and after you quit out of the GUI. I needed to log out (of Windows) and log back in again, then restart the newly-installed 1.35.0 version of SDA, and everything was OK again.

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