Acting voice in a score

I understand this is might be off topic as it is a question on engraving rather then on doing in in Dorico.
I have a short poem read by an actor, who is versed in musical notation should the need arise, on top of a musical piece. I have no idea how to best display the text of the poem. What has to be “on time” is the start of each verse. Is it best if the actor has its own staff, perhaps a one line staff? Could be useful using headless or x-headed notes?

Yes, a one-line staff labeled Narrator with the text shown over different bars, with each line of text starting at the right rhythmic position, possibly even marked by a note at the point at which that line begins so that it’s completely clear which position that should be (assuming it’s meant to be that tightly defined and performed), would be a good solution.

Or you could do without the additional staff, and just have something like NARRATOR: poem text follows above each bar.

Depending on whether all performers or only the conductor needs to know, you could then either include the narrator staff in the parts, or input the text as system-attached text so that it appears in every part.

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Thank you very much for your input. In this case it’s just a solo instrument and the narrator.