Actions and Shortcuts Problem [Solved]

I use a Line6 Helix Floor Modeler to control our setlist. During rehearsals, I usually use a mouse on the computer in the rehearsal room, as I also make adjustments to the setlist during rehearsals. I’ve now noticed that in the current trial version, the “RTZ” function no longer works in the “Actions and Presets” area. I was able to assign Start/Stop, Next Song, and Previous Song to the buttons on the Helix using the “Learn Function” without any problems. Unfortunately, when I try to do this with “RTZ” it doesn’t work.
The assignment is displayed correctly, but it does not work - there is no reaction, while all other buttons/functions work perfectly.

Addition: I also tested different buttons on the Helix to make sure that there is no hardware problem. That is not the case, the hardware works perfectly.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem here?

You are correct, will be fixed with todays’ update.
It comes to surprise that it hasn’t been noticed yet, sorry.

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Thank you! :+1:

The problem still exists in 2.0.14
I tested it with the helix and with a Hotone Ampero (Midi) Controller.
RTZ still cannot be assigned!

It does work, but you need to set UI Type to “Button”. Wrong default “Toggle” will be replaced with the next version.

Hi @musicullum,
I repeated both tests with the Helix and the Ampero Control and set the UI manually to “Button” and then use the “Learn” function to assign the right button on each device. On the Hotone Ampero RTZ works as expected but not with the Helix. I repeated the test now several times but the result is the same. Hotone Ampero works. Helix not. For me the Helix must work again!

Question: You wrote “Wrong default “Toggle” will be replaced with the next version” but didn’t we need the “Toggle” for the Start/Stop functionality?

Hi @Detgyver , using something like Ampero (but an Aliexpress one) for Bluetooth controlling Prev/Play/RTZ/Next. And still working fine with V2.0.14 too. Did you check with MIDI Monitor if there is any diff betw the two controller? (IMHO I trust more checking MIDI mon. and set ActionCommand manually regarding)

Hi @fkalmus , I checked again using the MIDI Monitor with V2.0.14.
The Screenshots show the current Settings for both Devices.
Only the “RTZ” on the Helix is not working. All other Settings do work correct. I also checked the Buttons on the Helix by swapping the assignment of the buttons and that worked also properly.

Hotone Ampero Control Midi-Monitor
Ampero Midi Monitor

Line6 Helix Midi-Monitor
Helix Midi Monitor

Maybe you can see the error. I’m currently at a loss with the problem.

I also tested now with an Boss FS-1-WL (via USB-Midi) and again, I can assign everything esle to the Buttons and use it but here RTZ also is not working. (Small Workarroung that I found here - assigning Start and Stop to separate buttons allows to start and stop the playback and when I tap on stop again it jumps back to zero :no_mouth:


As mentioned in another thread, try to set the RTZ Action to “Button” instead of “Toggle”. Does that help?
We have changed the default setting to “Button” from the next version on.

Changing the setting to “Button” did not change something on the helix.

I see 0 for a) and 127 for b), maybe invert?
It would be good to also see the actions settings.

I have tested inverting the values, but that also has no effect to RTZ.
Here is a picture of the “Transport-Settings”. Start/Stop works perfect, RTZ shows no response as Button and as Toggle also. :cry:

I tested the Helix-Hardware while swapping the Button-Settings and the Midi-Values (Post above) show that the Hardware is still working as expected.

That works fine for me (given v 2.0.14, and data come in from channel 1).
Does Num/Del or other keyboard shortcut work for you?

Yes, the keyboard shortcuts all work perfectly. It’s just the RTZ command that doesn’t work, no matter which button I configure the command to on the Helix. Start/Stop, Stop, Next Song, Prev. Song all work perfectly. MIDI data is also received from the Helix in VST for each button.

Helix Midi

What’s the difference between RTZ and Jump to first part?

RTZ gets reset if time is 0…We’ll try something, pls check again next version.

@musicullum , I can confirm, in 2.15 RTZ works well.
I tested with: Line6 Helix Floor, Hotone Ampero Control and Boss FS-1-WL.

There is now a small change regarding the Boss FS-1-WL.
I use the Learn function to assigne the Buttons/Toggle and on FS-1-WL.
I now have to change the learned value “127” for the Start/Stop action to “0” to make it work correct. Otherwise, the Toggle here acts like a Push-Button that needs to be hold. Don’t know if that helps.

Thanks for fixing the problem so fast!