Actions/Midi instructions are not executed

I have created four actions with an Ampero Control midi controller in my current VSTL project file to be able to control the songs in my project file via a Midi-Controller. The creation worked perfectly with the “Learn function”, only the Midi instructions from VST Live outside of the Actions configuration are not accepted.
I also checked the functionality of my hardware configuration at and everything is OK there.

Configuration in VST Live / Actions

Cross check for midi configuration

Sorry for asking, I’m not entirely sure if this point hasn’t already been discussed in another post.

Not quite sure what you mean by that?
For toggle type of actions such as start/pause, you should not define it twice; pressing the controller will toggle, i.e. start when stopped and vice versa.
“Select Song” is supposed to be used alongside “Select Song Part” (e.g. with Bank Select LSB/MSB). To select a Part by index (of all Parts) use “Select Part” instead.

I got “Start/Pause” and “Next Part” and “Previous Part” recognized so that VST Live is responding accordingly, but neither “Select Song” nor “Select Part” works. I can only select an action in the “Actions window”, what do I have to do differently to use “Select Song” and “Select Part”?
I don’t understand why these actions don’t work!

As I said, “Select Song Part” is composed of two commands, you need two MIDI Controls to set a specific Part of a specific Song. The first (“Select Song”) control (for instance, Bank Selct MSB (MIDI cc# 0) for the Song number, and a second (“Select Song Part”) control (e.g. Bank Select LSB, MIDI cc# 32) for the Part number. Note that “Select Song” merely pre-selects the Song for “Song Part” and does nothing until that 2nd control is beeing received.
There is also “Next Part” (which will select the next Song if the current Part is last of current Song), and Next/Previous Song. Note that a change of Songs is not possible while transport is started, so to prevent accidently changing Songs while a performance is running.
To set a specific Part of a specific Song which I guess is what you want, use “Select Part”. You can also use this to select a specific Song by adressing the first Part of that Song with this function.

Question: if I do it like you descirbed it so that I select a specific part of a specific song in this way, then the used button on my midi controller is basically hardcoded for that one part of the chosen song, right? In this case, I can no longer use this button for any other functions!
But I need the possibility to jump from song 1 (was played) to skip song 2 (we want to skip it in the rehersal today) to song 3 with not more than two button clicks. Is that possible?
Sometimes you want to be able to skip a song and I dont want to use a 80-keys keyboard to adress every single song part in my setlist.
In this way, four buttons on my midi controller are sufficient to be able to use the set list like in a media player.

Next Question: I noticed that if I save the settings in the Actions window into a .vlmap file, it has to be loaded manually after loading my project file (.vlprj), why isn’t it loaded right away with the .vlprj-File?

Then there is another problem with the “Midi Input” setting in the .vlmap file, since this information is either not saved or is not taken into account when the file is loaded, because the entire “Midi Input” column remains empty. In order for the settings to work again, do I currently have to manually reload the required .vlmap file every time I load the project file (.vlprj) and re-enter the needed midi input setting in all actions?
Why isn’t the used vlmap file loaded when the vlprj file is loaded?

My Midi-Input settings

Midi Settings after loading the .vlprj-File

Midi Settings after manualy loading the vlmap-file

Next Song/Next Song would do in this case. If bandleader decides to skip to a completely different Song during a show, you may also use the search option which comes in handy when your repertoire spans over 100 songs like in a top fourty band :slight_smile:

It is, provided you saved the project after changing Actions. Check again. Actions are saved along with the project, and can be saved and loaded individually. Note that devices used when saving must be present when loading, otherwise you have to re-assign in “Devices/Connections”.

Sorry for asking again:
Where can I find “Next Song” in the Actions isn’t it included? How can I configure this?

Sorry, you’re right, the vlmap file is also loaded, I hadn’t saved my project file after creating the vlmap.

However, the midi input colum remains empty even though the midi controller is switched on and active!

Sorry, we are testing against version 1.0.40 which is scheduled very soon, it has said Actions.

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That’s weird. If you open “Devices/Connections”, are all devices used in actions available there? If you save Actions with your project and open that project in the same hardware environment, it must definately find those MIDI Inputs. If it fails nevertheless, could you PM me a minimal project file (just the .vlprj file, nothing else) that exposes this? Thanks! Deutsch auch ok :slight_smile:

the Chrome Browser is/was probably the problem in my workflow, I always had it open and used it to test the Midi functionality for the Hotone Ampero Controller.
When I load Chrome before VST-Live and check if the midi controller is detected, Chrome doesn’t always release the connection even though I completely close the website I’m checking with.

Of course, if the midi device is used by other software, VST Live cannot use the device. So everything is fine - the USER is to blame :wink:


what have I learned here:

  1. The .vlmap file is always loaded with the project file (.vlprj) as long as the project is saved after the .vlmap file has been created.
  2. Midi devices that I want to use in VST Live must not be used “simultaneously” by other applications. (There is always only one connection that works)
  3. I can create .vlmap files with different configurations and link them to project files for use. To do this, the project file must then be saved.
  4. Be careful with midi connections and chrome browser, it may cause midi devices to be unavailable.
    The most important follows here:
  5. VST Live can already be configured via the “Actions” in such a way that I can operate the (for our band) important functions on stage with a small midi controller without having to constantly run to a laptop!!!

I would like to thank everyone who works on VST Live for the great work and the patience you show your users here!

Thanks very much! Please keep it up!