Actions&Shortcuts - IF / THEN condition question


I have the workaround but meight be chellenging for new users.

  • Pg Change parameter needs to be “3 3” (seen on MIDI monitor window)
  • When set 1st num to “3”, value for 2nd expecting value from “n+1”

My workaround is: First, set the value of the variable ‘2nd-num’ to ‘3’. Then, data entry for the variable ‘1st-num’ with a value of ‘3’ is allowed.

I don’t know if this condition - what I was using here for pg change - is an everyday something or not, but that is how e.g. my 4btn foot ctrl is sending data (for play/stop/etc…).

We have improved this for the next version. You will be able to set the same value as data1 from for data1 to (and the same for data2 from/to). Also, you will not be able to set data2 from or to for MIDI Program Change and MIDI Aftertouch (no 2nd byte in MIDI def). Finally, there was a bug in that actions would show the wrong Data2 To parameter (it was Data2 From instead).

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Hi @musicullum ,

awesome :slight_smile: can’t wait next update!