Actions: strange behaviour when assigning QC

I´m not being able to configure Quick controls correctly:
I set 3 QC to enable/disable effects in a guitar plugin

Assign the corresponding Actions:

At the first moment it works but then after saving the project or other editing when I press the shortcut it turns the effect on but when I press it again it doesn´t turn it off. (using Button or Toggle has the same effect)

Feature request:
Please add more Actions:
1- Locate last start on/off
2- Open/close layer instrument
3- Edit Stack Insert (as we have edit channel Insert)
4- Enable/disable Stack FX channels (this one was already requested and Michael put it on the list)
5- Edit Stack FX channel

any news or advice on this?

… I’ve tried to reproduce it

  1. Start VL, New Project
  2. Select STACKS, Add Stack
  3. Load TH-U to Insert_2
  4. Show QC Section, Assign param to Slot_2 of TH_I
  5. Show “Actions and Shortcuts”, select Stack
  6. Add Action, Select “Insert 2 Quick 2”, Assign “poopies + 1” as a Shortcut, Select “Button” as UI

Press “Shift + 1” and again and again. The QC will be setup with a value of 0, then 1, then 0 …

  1. Save Project
  2. Quit VL, Start VL
  3. Looad Project

“Shift + 1” is still working.


Maybe you can send me your project? The vlprj is enough?


right! I followed your steps to test it in a new project. Up to step 6 everything working fine, I press “shift+1” repeatedly and no problem, after saving the project and restarting VL, the first time I press “shift+1” it switches but for the last time, I can see the QC buttons turning but the effects just stay ON.
I´m running the last version
Project attached (10.4 KB)

… fixed with the next update,

fixed, thanks!