Actions to Stacks Quick Controls


I can’t find a way to link the Quick Controls of a stack with MIDI events. Is there something I didn’t see?

I have a stack for guitar on which I inserted a VST Amp Rack. I set the Quick Controls to turn on/off the effects and I’m now trying to control them from an external MIDI footswitch. As a MIDI In for the VST Amp Rack, I selected the MIDI port of the footswitch, but how can I know which MIDI events to send to reach my aim? I tried another approach using a Virtual Midi In as MIDI input for the FX, and created a layer with the same Virtual port as output device and the Footswitch as input and… honestly, I got lost! Please tell me where is the missing link…


… sorry, it is not available yet. But it is coming soon.


QC for Stack Inserts will be available with the next version.

Sorry if I seem so impatient! This project is so exciting that I want it all (and I want it now :star_struck: :santa: :wink: ) !

I’m so glad to have this exchange with you!

Best regards and great respect for your work.


thank you :slight_smile: