Activate a Keyswitch from a macro page button.

Can anyone tell me how to to activate a Keyswitch from a macro page button? (If it’s possible)

… Thanks

It depends on how you implement the keyswitches.

If you use MegaTrig then I don’t think it’s possible. While you can create note on events from a script module it doesn’t work with keyswitches.

But it is possible if you implement the keyswitches in Lua Script module. You can use the playNote function to determine which layer should play. (7.12 KB)

Ok thanks. I had used Mega Trig. I’ll take a look at the lua method.

Thank you, that was exactly what I was I trying to do.
An elegant solution.

I am so green to this Macro Page thingy and scripting that I am super confused, yet, with your piece of code, key switches work. Thanks.