Activate All Mute States?

The shortcut to unmute all instruments is “option+u”. But is there a shortcut to mute all instruments?

I looked here but it’s for Cubase instead of Dorico. And the “Preferences > Key Commands” search had nothing, which I thought was odd.

Any help?

My use-case is that when my MIDI guitar is plugged in then I want to hear the guitar instead of the MIDI notes. But then I use the MIDI sounds while I’m inputting the notes via “Start Note Input”.

It’s ‘deactivate’ you are looking for I think.


You can figure this out by looking at the Mixer window:


I appreciate this, but “alt+shift+S” (option+shift+S) is for Deactivate Solo Mode. There’s also a Key Command of “alt+S” (option+S) for Activate Solo Mode.

However, I can’t seem to find a shortcut for Activate Mute Mode. Although the shortcut for Deactivate Mute Mode is “alt+U”.

Here’s everything in a chart, unless I’m missing something:

Deactivate Solo Mode = “alt+shift+S” (option+shift+S)
Activate Solo Mode = “alt+S” (option+S)
Deactivate Mute Mode = “alt+U” (option+U)
Activate Mute Mode = ???

There isn’t a way to mute all tracks, I’m afraid.

A workaround could be disabling the metronome and soloing the DoricoBeep track…

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