Activate clips in lanes with keyboard instead of mouse?

I can use my qwerty keyboard to navigate around all the segments in my lane–great. But how do I ACTIVATE a segment with my keyboard? The only way I’ve found is by clicking on it with my mouse. Any ideas?

I’ll take that as a no?

Bumping for you, I just came up with the same question independently myself today. I actually have trouble navigating around with the arrow qwerty keys, but I think I was probably just being careless or something.

[Edited for content:] Will try this later, page 78 of the Opns manual. I don’t know if it still applies with the new comping tool:

Another way of comping is to use the cursor keys to navigate through the takes and lanes and to > use the “Move to Front (Uncover)” key command (by default > ) to bring the active take to front.

Anyone able to make this command work? Hitting does not seem to do a thing as I navigate around with the cursor keys. Using the Object Selection Tool (arrow tool) to select the segment, then hitting does bring it to front, but that requires using the mouse of course …

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Yeah, same here. Doesn’t work with the comp tool on, but on the other hand, you only need to click with the arrow tool once to get a selection. From there on, arrow keys and “u” work.

Good point (and click :laughing: ), Arjan. I’ll probably try that way, less mouse clicks likely, as you point out.

Didn’t work :frowning: . The up down arrow keys just moved me up and down the lanes in the inspector, but didn’t actually change the highlight focus of the comp segments. I’m guessing it’s a preference, I’ll get back to look at it some time. Meanwhile, it’s good ol’ Mouse City with VariAudio for me.

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A little bounce here - in case anyone is able to navigate around and select the new 6.5 comping tool segments using the cursor keys. As in the posts above, it looks like we’re suposed to be able to, but I’m one of those that can’t.

Fingers crossed for someone who might be able to help -