Activate Cubase Elements 11

Hi there, maybe someonecan help me … just bought Cubase 11 LE and download the latest eLicenser ( When I try to activate the software I get the message ´eLicenser is to old´ … I´m working on a Mac (2018) with OS 12.0.1.
Thanks a lot and have a peaceful christmastime, Jo

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 11 is not compatible with macOS 10.12, but it’s other story.

Make sure, you enter the Activation Code, not the Download Access Code. If you have Download Access Code, go to MySteinberg and register it to get the Activation Code.

With Cubase Elements 11 license, you can install and start older Cubase Elements. As far as I remember, Cubase 9 or 9.5 might be macOS 10.12 compatible.

Hi Martin, thanks a lot for your fast reply. In Requirements of Cubase 11 Mac OS12 is listed, I think … :frowning:
But now I get my older Cubase 11 LE started on my Mac - so this should work … thanks a lot an have a nice Christmas, Jo


Oh sorry, you are using macOS 12, not 10.12. Cubase 11 is compatible with macOS 12. Sorry.

Ah, ok - but there´s still no way to activate 11, just 10… Thanks


There is Cubase Elements mentioned in the header, but in the text, there is Cubase LE. These are different. And moreover, there is Cubase AI. All these 3 Cubase share the very same executable. The license decides, which features are available. But the licensing strategy is also different.

Cubase Elements is paid version. So if you bought Cubase Elements 10, you cannot start Cubase Elements 11. You would need to buy an update to Cubase Elements 11, to be able to start.

Cubase AI and Cubase LE are OEM versions, which you get for free with some hardware.

Cubase AI is bundled with Steinberg and Yamaha products. Steinberg offers the best to their customers. So you can always update to the latest Cubase AI at the moment of the first Cubase AI activation. Currently, there is Cubase 11. So you can get Cubase AI 11 update from Cubase AI 10 (if this is your license) for free. If you didn’t get an email with the free update, get in contact with official Steinberg support, as described here, please.

Cubase LE is bundled with some 3rd party hardware vendors. They don’t offer an update to the latest Cubase version for free. If you need the lates version (for example to get a version compatible with your latest system), you can upgrade your Cubase LE license to the latest Cubase Elements license (which is Cubase Elements 11 at this moment).

So, your next steps depends on the exact license, you have. You can find the license name in the eLCC application.