Activate cycle issue

Hello Guys,

I think there is some kind of bug in Cubase 12. I activate cycle but Cubase keeps playing linear and does not stick to the active cycle playback.

Did anyone else has encountered that issue?


At the moment you activate Cycle, is the Project cursor ahead of the Left Locator or between the locators? Is this is not the case, the Cursor doesn’t jump back in time.

Another possibility: if your locators are inverted (end before start) this section will be skipped instead of looped.

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In this case the locators range would appear red.

Here is a short video to demonstrate this happens very often, I didn’t have this issue before.

I am not sure where the cursor was when I activated it however I know that if the cycle was activated and the line fall in the cycle it has allways catched up and kept the playback within the cycle.
Although in the video you can see that later I have activated the cycle while the cursor was outside and it worked.