Activate / deactivate insert plugins across multiple channels in mixer window

As the title says I’d like to activate / deactivate a row of plugins across multiple channels. It is currently possible to bypass, but not deactivate or reactivate. Qlink does not allow it. It would be great to be able to do it by selecting the channels then pressing Shift + Alt Click to activate or deactivate.

It works with Q-Link if the gui of one of the plugins in a row is visible. Deactivating the plugin in it’s gui takes along all other plugins in a row.

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wow. seems i don’t need any new features, lol. I’ll try to delete this post, but many thanks.

Found this out by trying or accident.

No need to delete the post, it’s a good resource for other users puzzling over the same issue.

I’d still like to be able to do it without opening a plug-in though.

I think the problem is that Alt negates QLink

there is a trick I discovered that allows. you sort of have to be quick and nimble

1.)hold alt+Shift
2.)Click and release shift simultaneously or just before click


you can do this without shift, actually, but you have to be very quick. The Alt q-link negate has like a half-second delay before it negates, so if you press alt and click at the exact same time it will work. but the shift release I think slows down this delay


Takes a bit of practice, but it works, brilliant thanks. Don´t know how you managed to work that one out, but well done.
Important to note I had to switch off Input Language shortcut for Win 10 in the Advanced Keyboard settings as well

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I just wanted to accomplish the task and noticed it was Alt negating Qlink and figured out how to beat it, thankfully they coded in a short delay.

@dream might want to take their vote back!