Activate elder Cubase version with new version Code?

Is it possible to Download Elements 11 then after Upgrade from LE 10.5 to Elements 12, activate (with Elements 12 Code) downloaded Elements 11?

… 1000 apologies if my Question sounds silly :wink:
… but Many thnx for Response :slight_smile:

No, sorry.

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Thanx for quick response :wink:

Be sure to read this:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You get Cubase LE 11 to your Soft-eLicenser, so you can use this one. But not Elements 11, sorry.

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thanks steve for the link,
As I know the Cubase 11 license is stored in the USB-eLicenser, so how can I be sure that the previous owner has the license checked out/unregistered from his account?
Also, after reading the entire article about USB-eLicenser, so many questions arise :open_mouth:
It must be rare to get a genuine USB eLicenser, isn’t it? Or am’I wrong?

Don’t pay till you have the dongle registered in your Steinberg account.

Steinberg lets people sell the license, but people are still people.

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Thank you Martin.Jirsak …
Yes, I know that.
I’m not intended to use Elements11 with LE10.5 Soft-eLicenser, my question was a bit different…
I’ll repeat it : I’ve LE 10.5, upgrading to Elements 12 and, Question was can I use Elements 12 License Code to Activate dowloaded Elements 11 instead of Elements 12.
and steve gave the answer …

Thnx lads :wink:

it was very specific question! :face_with_spiral_eyes: