Activate eLicenser!

Hello, excuse me! If this is not the right category but tell them what has happened to me!
I activate the activation code in usa and now I’m in Argentina, says I have 23 hours of use license, buy on usa in August which will not do, I will not lose the license would be a large amount of money lost, I hope someone’s response, Greetings!

Are you using the same USB eLicenser to which you downloaded the license?

Once you have entered the activation code in the eLicenser application it makes no difference where you are in the world.

Yes, the same! but said me only use this activation in the united states, argentina not allowed me

The way it works is: when you enter the activation code and select an USB eLicenser dongle in the eLicenser, the licesnse is downloaded and placed on the dongle.

Once that has been done that license on the dongle is usable anywhere, with or without an internet connection. And, in the eLicenser app the license is listed.

The sole purpose of the activation code is the one-time downloading of the license to the dongle, for that reason it only works once.

Sounds like there might be something else going on.

I’ve done all that, but I came to give me mavericks and told me only had 23 hours of operation, gives me a warning saying return the product where to buy it and have to buy it in Argentina, it’s so difficult the process.


* You need Internet connection to proceed!

  1. Download the latest e-software and Install.


  2. Activate your license with help of the “License Activation”.

  3. Write in all “License Activation” numbers and letter you got from the product purchase.
    When you entered all numbers and letters correctly the program will tell you what product you activate.


Not understand me!

Is in spanish but i translate.
The activation code that was introduced only for use in the US and it seems that you are outside the US .
Although you can proceed with the activation license, you may not receive any customer support or updates in the event that is outside of the USA, because this version might be a gray import.

Therefore we strongly recommend you return the package immediately to the seller who bought recommend, demand the return of their money and contact a seller of Steinberg to receive a version of the program for their country.

Please, help me!

Don’t worry, read this: