Activate HS2 trial??

Hi, just downloaded the HS2 trial and installed, when launching, I am told I need to activate that trial. However, I have not received any trial activation code by mail. How do I go about this?

(I am prepared to take advantage of the valentines day offer, but it says “license to transfrom trial version into permanent” or samething to that effect. So I may be stumped if upon entering the permanent activation key, i would be told “no valid trial license found”)



you don’t have to enter a trial activation code before entering the permanent license included in the Valentine’s Day offer.

damn, so want this, what a great offer, and for £81 i cant afford it till next payday, and the offer will be gone… damn… :wink:


Hi Delgado,
Where did you download from?
I have spent the better part of today searching for somewhere to download the installation from.
Could you please assist me?


I think the original question–which is a question I’ve been trying to get answered also all afternoon, is how do you activate the demo? No activation code came with the download and installing the demo didn’t automatically place an activation on my elicenser dongles. I’d love an answer to this. Want to try it over the weekend as well.

I didnt have to activate halion sonic 2 trial, no activation code fo me either, it just says its available for so many hours until it becomes unusable, then you would have to buy and enter the code when bought in the elicencer to continue using.



My newly installed HS2 trial version ask me for license(I can’t open the program) ??? Does anybody have a clue why?

have you had a trial before?

Same problem here…

Why did I not find this place myself…

Back to the original question about activating the HS2.
What I did was the following:
1: Buy the discounted HS license on (Steinberg grace period gave me the HS2 license automaticaly)
2: Install the license to my e-licenser USB key
3: Install HS2
4: Run HS2

I was never asked for any trial license or nothing else.
Worked like a dream.

I’m afraid that some of these answers are missing the point. THere are a number of us who want to try this in “trial” mode before deciding whether to buy. It appears that many of us have no way of activating the product in trial mode. THis is getting frustrating, since time is running out.

Oh, and the Steinberg page

mentioned above is where I (and presumably others) got our trial downloads in the first place.

OK, I now understand what you mean…

Sorry that I missed the point.

If you have a boxed C6 you might have authorization codes and DVDs/CDs for various trials. If you just have C7, you can download trials but use the trial codes that came with the boxed C7. I loaded yesterday from the discs, activated with the trial codes, purchased the Valentine’s activations, got an email with new codes, and entered them into my eLicensor. Works. I hope that does for you.

Thanks, Tifo, but I boutght C6 as a download upgrade (I’m a long-time Cubase user. Haven’t gotten around to C7.5 yet) and no free trial codes with the upgrade. I’m probably just going to buy the thing–it has so many features that its hard to imagine going too wrong for $100, but it is wierd and frustrating to not be able to use the demo after downloading and installing it.

Last night I downloaded the Halion Sonic 2 30 day trial. However, I can’t get it to run.

I’m getting the following error message:
Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 9.37.05 AM.png
There is a link in the error message, for more information:

However, that does not offer a solution. It says I need a license key, except I don’t have one to enter.

I’m baffled. Why offer a 30 day trial that actually doesn’t work? (Others seem to have reported the exact same thing).

What should my next step be?

If the trial version won’t work straight away, Steinberg provide you with an activation code that comes with your email download link. Enter this code via the license centre :slight_smile: