Activate midi ports in Device Setup?

Getting my DAW setup again after playing live for the past few years.

I have an RME Fireface and a Roland FA06. I want to be able to send midi out of Cubase to the Roland. In Device setup under Midi the RME has it’s Midi In and Out ports activated. The Roland FA06 has it’s Midi In port activated (and I have been able to use that keyboard to record midi tracks) but the Midi Out ports are Inactive and I can’t find a way to activate them. The manual doesn’t shed any light on how to do this.

I’m sorry if this is a basic question, but as I say, I have been away from any sort of DAW activity since about 2015 and I have just recently updated to Cubase Pro 8.5. Also, in the past (except for the old days when I was using Pro 24!) I only ever used VST Instruments, so I never had to learn about setting up Midi Out ports.

I’d really appreciate some help here.


They’ll automatically become active after you route a MIDI track’s output to these MIDI ports. Make sure that you have the “Visible” box ticked in the Device Setup/Studio Setup.

Got it. Thanks so much Romantique Tp !