Activate project button

The button for activating a project (top left in the project window) does not appear if this project is activated. It should always be there so that you can simply deactivate a project without having to load a second project, e.g. to relieve the computer during a longer break without having to close the program.

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Hello Inschrift,

I fully agree with you. The new program surface has undergone a lot of changes (also on tools behavior like VariAudio) with most of them to the worse. I strongly hope, Steinberg will return to the previous look and menu structure or give the option to switch between the two.
Otherwise, I have not encountered any stability problems yet. But that might still lay ahead… . Let’s hope for the best and an Update coming soon.
Take care

Thanks Bernd,
here is another design example: The logo of my band. It’s very old-fashioned and is even reminiscent of designs from the 50s. This is in contrast to the decidedly modern (sometimes even avant-garde) approach of this band. I deliberately practice this approach in other areas too, because it has a certain appeal. In the name of progress, valuable things from the past are sometimes sacrificed.

I used left cntrl + right click on events for a submenu ALL the time…I guess those times are gone. (Another feature bites the dust)