Activate Project. Strange behavior?


Currently, I am working on a project that when loaded is not activated by default. Thus, I press ‘Activate Project’ in the main window. Then nothing happens (as far as I can see). I need to open the transport window, and also press ‘Activate Project’ there. Only then I can Play the project.
Seems like the Activate Project in the main window and transport panel are disconnected? Not really a problem. Also not sure if it is my configuration? Otherwise a small feature to be fixed in a next release. Thanks, Antoine

This is not a problem I’m aware of in general. Dorico doesn’t save the activation state of projects when you save them, but perhaps you have your preferences set such that projects are not automatically activated when they are opened? Or perhaps the project doesn’t have a sensible playback template set?

Hi Danial,
I use a modified Spitfire template. I realize that these samples take a while to load (but do not have that many instrumnets in my current project). Sometimes, even after 30 minutes, the activate project does not turn green. However, the behavior is not consistent. Sometimes it loads and activates the projects as it should. Will do some more testing to see if I can discover a pattern. But again, not a big issue.