Activate project?

Hi, Does anyone know what happens when you activate a project that has been loaded but not activated? The reason I ask is that one of my projects causes C8 to crash whenever I load (and activate) it by itself. However, if I load any other project first (even a blank template), I’m able to load the offending project and even make some edits. It’s only after I activate it that C8 crashes.

So, what does Cubase do to a project between ‘loading’ and ‘activating’? I’m hoping that an understanding of the difference will help me figure out what it is about my project that is causing C8 to crash. Cheers…

We will need a bit more information to help with this. What version and build of Cubase Pro 8 do you have installed? What operating system are you on?

Start a new empty project and save it as “Active Test 1”, then close it. Create another new empty project and name it “Active Test 2” and close it. Now if you open both projects and toggle between the two of them, do you get the same crash? If so, what is the exact error?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the lighting fast response…

I’m running Cubase 8.0.10 on a Win7x64 i7 950 12GB system with a MOTU 828mk2 ASIO interface. I should note that I’ve been running C8 since January with no problems at all. I’ve recorded over 30 different projects (some very complex) and they all came out great. I absolutely love C8! It’s so transparent that I’m able to focus 100% on the music.

Unfortunately, something happened a week ago and now a few (already completed) projects crash C8 when I try to load and activate them. It’s completly reproducible – i.e. specific to these few projects. I have no problems loading and activating most projects and am able to create new ones.

The only change that I made recently was to update my version of EWQL Play64 from ver 4.2.22 to 4.2.25. When my problem started I reverted back to 4.2.22, but the crashes still happen.

The reason I suggest testing with the new empty projects toggling is that it should hopefully show us that without plugins or previous template issues, you’re able to swap between the two of them.

Assuming you are able, I would suggest taking 2 of the offending projects. Save each with a new name (add “no plugins”) and remove all of the plugins from both projects. Are you able to toggle between those 2 versions?

Okay I’ll try the steps you suggested tonight and report back tomorrow. Thanks again…

Hi Chris,

I was able to “toggle” the two empty projects repeatedly without a single crash. So I passed the first test.

However, I failed the second test: the project continued to crash even without the plugins. Note, since I was not able to surgically remove the plugins themselves (because the project was not activated) I removed the tracks that contained them instead.

I then continued to try to isolate the problem by selectively deleting one track at a time, saving the old project as a new project, and then loading/activating the new project. After doing this for a while, I discovered the problem. Surprisingly it was a single MIDI track that I had recorded from an external synth (Yamaha Motif Rack ES). And this turned out to be the same problem with the other project that was crashing (except the external synth for that one was a Korg Triton).

Additionally, I used the List Editor to see if there were any unusual or potentially problematic MIDI data events (e.g., weird SysEx data), but found none.

So, my question to you at this point is: are there any known crash scenarios that involve recording MIDI from an external hardware synth (besides the one I just described)?

Cubase 8.0.20 just came out:

Do you have the same problem with the External Instrument there? Thank you.

I just read through all the improvements/fixes in the 8.0.20 update version history but didn’t notice anything specific to recording MIDI data from external instruments. The closest issue is: “BON-7022 PLUG-INS: Fixed a MIDI timing issue using Yamaha Motif Editor and Yamaha devices setup as External Instrument.” Could that have caused the problem I described above?

In any event, I will install 8.0.20 tonight, try loading the original project that caused 8.0.10 to crash, and report my results here. Cheers…

Unfortunately, yes. The problem was not corrected with 8.0.20 – Cubase still crashes when opening the project. :frowning:

I made a new empty project with 1 external Instrument track and 1 audio track using an external effect. Then I created another project (audio track with external first, external Instrument 2nd) and toggled between the 2 projects without an error.

I would suggest removing your external devices, starting a new empty project, re-adding 1 of them and testing as with mine. Does this still crash for you?


When you say “I would suggest removing your external devices” do you mean from the global preferences in Cubase, or just from my project that crashes Cubase? If it’s the latter, I did that and it did not correct the problem. It was only after I removed the MIDI data I recorded from the external synth that I was able to open the project without it crashing Cubase.

I should note that after recoding the MIDI data from the external synth, I moved the data to a virtual instrument track (HALion Sonic SE) leaving the external synth track empty. I did the same thing in the other project that causes Cubase to crash, so now I’m wondering if this may be the problem.

I would suggest removing the External Instrument from the VST Connections window entirely, then testing with the new project.