Activate Quick Controls

In the Quick Controls section of the Inspector, the leftmost of the buttons on the row below the section header is called Activate Quick Controls, according to its tool tip. So far as I can tell, the Operation Manual has nothing at all to say about how to use this button. Perhaps it is supposed to be self-explanatory. But I have a question about it.

What does conform to my expectations about the Activate Quick Controls button is that it needs to be set to ON if the Track Quick Controls mapped for the track are to work. When it is set to OFF, the MIDI Change Control numbers that have been assigned to the Track Quick Controls in Studio Setup are instead available for other uses, for example to be mapped to VST instrument parameters via MIDI Learn (for instruments that support that) in the instrument editor.

What does not conform to my expectations about the Activate Quick Controls button is that, in my experience at least, its scope appears to be global rather than track-specific, despite the fact that is appears in the Inspector, which I thought was relative to the currently-selected track. In other words, switching Activate Quick Controls on or off in the the Inspector of any one track has the effect of giving it the same value (on of off respectively) not only in all tracks in the project but even across all projects.

Is the scope of the Activate Quick Controls button really intended always to be global? If not, how can I make it affect only the current track?

Thanks in anticipation.