Activate Render in place

I don’t seem to have the option to Render my midifiles, as CP8 is able too.

Is there something I need to do to activate it or, how do I do this.

There’s a selection to do. Either the channel (with no events highlighted) or the events you want to render.

I just dont get that option - either when I right-click or use the top menu option…

Working with the right click dialog here

Have you looked at the “Edit-Menu” at the very top?

Yes I have tried that also, and when I try to render, nothing happens, even though the part is selected.

Check if the track is maybe muted and make sure it has an output routing.

Tested all possible combinations just to see how it works and found out it all depends on a lot of things. But it works!

Works good here… :wink:

Check out the CB8 operation manual starting at page 168. Maybe you are trying to render a track that is empty, frozen, disabled, or muted.

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The Track is not empty, frozen, disabled or muted. When I right-click I don’t get the option to render. Not even when I try a wav-track.

I tried to delete all prefs. and that didn’t help. Somehow it seems de-activated…

I don’t see it available on right click menu. Its listed in edit on the top menu (I think… not at computer right now). If you are following the op manual and it is still not there then… ? Maybe a reinstall is necessary?

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Sorry I can’t assist further. Hopefully someone else can. :wink:

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Are you trying to render a Multitimbral Plug-in?

Because you will have to do that the old fashioned way.

Hold Control and Right Click

Ctrl/right click did it for me.
I believe that the problem was that the signal came from Reason, rewired to CP8. Render doesn’t work when the signal is not internally from CP8 I assume.

I would advise you mention stuff like that in future, it helps :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that we kick into solution mode without always 1st checking if all information has been gathered. :nerd:

That is a good point, and I apologize, that it didn’t occur to me at all, that that could be the reason…

I appreciate your patience and time.