Activate Selected Marker Track command

As per the title, I’d like to see an “Activate Selected Marker Track” Key Command.
I’ve been working up a multiple Marker Track addiction of sorts and I neeeeed to get more!

Even better would be one those magnificent “X” commands e.g “To Marker X”.
You hit this command and a little text box appears on the screen for a few seconds and you type in a number.
If you type in 5 the cursor is moved to marker 5. BOOM! You’re not wasing a whole set of NumPad keys anymore.

Back on topic I’d like to see “Activate Marker Track X”.
Maybe there needs to be a separate box where you set a number for your Marker Track in addition to the name.

The possibilities to navigate in a Cubase project would just explode! :open_mouth: :sunglasses:


Nuendo has bunch of exclusive marker track key commands, including Activate previous/next marker track commands. I’m not sure if they just forgot to add these two to Cubase or if they intentionally left them out. It’s definitely one of those features that you’ll see being used much more often in a post-production environment.

It’s a little hard to use it in Cubase when it’s not implemented? :wink: