Activate SOLO on Selected Insert

In the MIxer or in the channel editor, is it possible to create, as already exists for the tracks in the sequencer, the Solo Activation function, exclusively in the selected insert?

This function would be handy when comparing the effect of an insert with respect to a other of the same category

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The Mixer History/Snapshots might help you.

Hi,I know that the history of the mixer exists, but it would be nice if they activated this function also to scroll from one insert to another in the chain, in order to quickly compare, for example, 2 or more types of equalizers quickly.

I repeat that this proposal to use the “Solo” function, even on inserts loaded inside a channel, is really something that is missing, in order to be able to compare the different interventions that are made, for example, by 2 different compressors.

The fact of using the mixer “snapshots”, as suggested in the previous chats, is inconvenient, because not immediate, but slow in loading, because with this operation you go to act on the whole console mix and this steals resources and speed, not it’s a good solution, thanks