Activate volume handles in a selection

Hi All,
Today I used the range selection tool to select a small part of a long audio event/part and noticed the volume and fade handles appeared in the selection.
Now I can’t figure out how I did it and it’s driving me INSANE!!
Would some one mind explaining this to me?
Thanks in advance.

Are you sure you didn’t just split the range and forgot about it?

Because if you didn’t, and the range tool allows for selection volume, and fade in/out manipulation, you HAVE to remember what you did and tell! :grinning:

Thanks Gman,
Are you saying what I thought I did isn’t possible?

I’m saying that in my knowledge, this is not possible. (Having fade in/out handles on a range of a whole, unsplit event)

But, I would be SOOO happy to be wrong about this.

That’s how I’m doing it now. Range (2), Shift X, change back to object selection (1), tweak fades.

Yea, I’d love it too. But I’m probably seeing things. That’s why I posted here, thinking it’s probably a common method.
I’m familiar with the method you use.
Thank you for your interest.

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Hey gman…you were right all along! Found the video I was watching. One of Dom’s on deessing.