Activate VST Plug-Ins - anyway to suppress license prompts?

Is there a work-around for this issue? Perhaps editing C:…\AppData\Local|Steinberg\Vst3Plugin.xml?

I’m testing VST Connect Performer on my laptop where I also have Cubase Pro 8 installed, running Windows 7. The goal is to become fully proficient with the VST Connect workflow before engaging collaborators over the Internet: I do not want to waste their time.

I run VST Connect Pro as a plugin inside Cubase Pro 8 running on a powerful tower computer running Windows 8. I connect over LAN. It works great, at least for audio. I have not tested MIDI.

The problem is that I need to use my license key with by other computer to run Cubase Pro 8. I can launch Performer on my laptop, but if I check “Activate VST3 Plug-Ins”, VST Connect Performer immediately scans my system and complains about the lack of license keys, the ones that require an iLock USB key, and does so one plug-in at a time, to which I must repeatedly click “cancel.” I have one plugin with a valid license that I want to use. Needless to say, it is very tedious cancelling through a series or prompts. No problem if this happened just once (if the Performer application remembered). But it happens every time I launch the application so long as “Activate VST Plug-Ins” remains checked.

Finally, once I do cancel through all the dialogs, the plugin, FabFilter Saturn, crashes the Performer application. FabFilter Saturn is stable running inside of Cubase Pro 8. This is discouraging because my next step is to test MIDI and I will need a VST Instrument plugin. This means buying a license for one. But before I do, I want confidence that Performer will remain stable.
VST Connect Performer - Saturn after Crash.jpg
VST Connect Performer - Saturn before Crash.jpg
VST Connect Performer.png