Activated HSO isn't activated for Cubase?

I have bought HSO many years back and had license on dongle.
The same way I had Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Dark Planet - they all now are in new license system.

Since in old projects I often used them as plugins (not as libraries in Halion Sonic SE), when I open old projects, they all (except HSO) are loaded now with Halion Sonic 7 the same way - visually as plugins. Of course it’s the same HS7, but without multitrack feature and without any possibility to load other presets. It’s known and it’s okay.

But I suppose that HSO also should be loaded the same way. But no! One project has Triebwerk and HSO. Triebwerk is loaded as described above, but HSO shows darken window (see, it’s loaded as it should be loaded) saying that HSO isn’t licensed.

And Activation Manager is up and says that I don’t have license.


But I have license.


Even more - I have two licenses - one I bought many years back long before I bought Dorico, and second license came with Dorico.

Now I can run Dorico and have HSO licensed (it works without dongle), but if I need HSO in Cubase, I still should plug in dongle. Is it normal?

There was vouchers in MySteinberg account for Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance, Dark Planet and HSO. So I did all tasks to have them working. Maybe problem is that Dorico has HSO license on new licensing system and therefore license on dongle wasn’t took in count when vouchers applied?

But!.. I can load HS7 in Cubase and then load HSO in one of 16 channels. This way I can load only default presets that came with HSO. It means I cannot access those presets used in old projects. They were modified and didn’t saved as user presets.

Now I should plug in dongle, load project, go through all HSO instances, save as user preset, close project and Cubase, unplug dongle, load Cubase and project, insert new HS7 and load saved user preset. Would you do that for 30-50 projects, if all them have 10-15 instances of HSO?

Can somebody from Steinberg team help here? I don’t have ability to create support request, because MySteinberg invites me to find distributor.


My expectation is, you are using the old plug-in in the old projects. These plug-ins are using the eLCC license, so you would need to have this old eLCC license present (either USB-eLicenser or Soft-eLicenser).

Thanks for your reply!
As I wrote - four libraries had their plugins using eLCC license. I had four vouchers. Four licenses were updated, but only three libraries are loading normally, while fourth (HSO) also is loaded by HS7, but it says that I don’t have license for HSO. So there is nothing about using old plugins. They are not installed, of course.


Thank you for explanation. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Maybe I should uninstall Dorico and look what will happen? But I don’t have that voucher I could apply after uninstalling Dorico.
Okay. Who can help me? I need a support. Also for cleaning Activation manager form demo licenses.

P.S. Another screenshot from eLCC shows that four licenses on the bottom are upgraded successfully.

I also tried to run Cubase 11 after I removed those four plugins. C11 also load everything okay using HS7. Of course for C11 I have dongle plugged in.


Get in contact with your local Steinberg support then.

Installing/uninstalling doesn’t change any license.

What kind of voucher do you mean, please?

It’s not Cubase. The computer has the USB-eLicneser plugged in. If you want to use any license sitting on the USB-eLicenser (within any application), the USB-eLicenser has to be plugged in.

  1. There is no local Steinberg support in my country. The link in MySteinberg site to create support request leads to Yamaha homepage.

  2. Vouchers in MySteinberg are for license upgrade. I guess you went through it too. We had vouchers for each license that was available to upgrade and stop use USB dongle.

  3. You didn’t understood. I want that my upgraded license works in Cubase too, not only in Dorico, once it’s upgraded to Steinberg Licensing. I want that all upgraded licenses works without dongle. Do I want too much?

I removed all old plugins from second computer too, installed Halion Sonic 7 on it, loaded the same project - the same result - Triebwerk works, but HSO don’t. More than that (what is very interesting) - I deactivate HSO in Activation Manager, then plug in USB dongle and run Cubase and open the same project. Activation Manager pops up and says that it activated Symphonic Orchestra. When I go to the list of licenses, HSO is still deactivated, but opened project is working as it should, it means HSO has license. It’s very strange - is the license used from dongle, where eLCC shows that it is upgraded?

Anyway - both computers behave the same.

  1. Please keep this thread open and invite someone who can help. I know you can. You are very kind and helpful. Thank you!


Then your local technical support is the Yamaha support.

Do you use the latest plug-in version in Cubase too?

Yes, it looks like this is the case. The eLCC licence is not dead, it’s still a valid license, your can use.

Latest plugin of what? Halion Sonic 7? Yes, of course. All other old plugins was removed.

Can you ask yourself - why anyone upgrade everything to dongle-free versions, if for one little reason still need to plug in dongle?