Activating an Extension in Cubase

I am using Cubase Pro 10.5

According to user manual Activating an Extension in Cubase is : Select Audio > Extensions, and select the desired extension
But where is the ‘Extension’ under Audio? and why “Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent” is disabled here?

Please help

The Extensions are where ARA2 applications like Melodyne live. If you don’t have any of those installed there won’t be any Extensions available.


I do have Melodyne installed but can’t find Extensions for the life of me.

I’ve chosen Melodyne as an insert on the audio track but the audio itself doesn’t appear in the edit window.

Any ideas what’s going on?

I have 10.5 pro and Melodyne. The extension is listed under the main audio settings under “make direct offline permanent”. Maybe re-instal Melodyne?

ARA extensions get activated at Audio Event level, so

  • do not add Melodyne as an Insert
  • Select desired audio event(s)
  • Activate Melodyne for the selected events from the menu:
    Audio > Extensions > Melodyne

Manual entry: Activating an Extension in Cubase