Activating and deactivating Steinberg Licensing licenses

Do you have more than 3 computers? Then you should run the Steinberg Activation Manager on one of these 3 other computers and deactivate your license.

No, I have two computers. I don’t know where or how it was installed incorrectly. Can you help me to register them all again?

I’ve merged your topic with this one, Matthias should be able to help you soon.

Greetings I’m trying to set up nuendo and dorico on my new mac studio. I deactivated 1 of the 3 nuendo’s and one Dorico on other systems and they are not showing deactivated. How can I get these to be deactivated on the Steinberg side? Is it possible you can just rest everything and I will re-activate everything where needed.

I’m working with CUBASE12 installed on one Windows 10 computer.
But before I knew it it was being used on 3 computers.
The Activation Manager shows “Activation Limit Reached” and I am unable to start CUBASE.
Please remove it from use on 3 computers.
I would appreciate your favor.

@kepler @Eaygee @Masahiro_Shibata

I have reset your activations.

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Noticed on recent activation that the computer name is now showing on that list, so things clearly progressing. That helps! :slight_smile:

Dear Matthias, Thank you for your prompt response.

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Thank you. How come Steinberg isn’t giving us the ability to reset the authorizations in our online accounts?

Its by design my man

Hello Steinberg community,

I would like to deactivate an old PC from my “Activated Products” but I do not have access to that PC anymore. Is there a way that I can do it myself from account page or from Steinberg Activation Manager?

I tried to reach Steinberg Support Romania, but no one is answering my emails.

Thank you,

I’ve merged your topic with this one. Matthias should be able to help you.

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can someone from Steinberg team help me with de-activating C12 license?
I upgraded my computer and I don’t have access to an old one any more.

Best regards

@unspoken @Mirel_Hagiu done!


Thank you so much, Matthias!

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Hi Mattias.
I have used the three licenses that I have for my Cubase 12 but I changed my laptop and the hard drive of the machine I work with in the studio was damaged. I have a license on the new machine but I need to activate another one for my new Mac. I would appreciate it if you could help me.
Thank you very much and greetings!!

@Alfredo_Camacho done!

Are there any plans to integrate the reset into the SAM in the future, you must be getting bored with having to manually reset people accounts?

No worries. I get paid extra for each deactivation. Double on the weekend.


You better delete that, or your Dad will be mad in the morning when he see’s it! (How much is he paying you?) :wink: