Activating count-in disables adjusting record start

When recording I usually want to use count-in (not pre roll). Few days ago it seemed to work fine, but since yesterday I found that if I activate count-in and press record, then cubase starts to record from previous even second. For instance if I want to start recording at 05:75 sec. and press count in, then it counts me in and then recording starts at 04:00 seconds. It seems to be a bug, but not definitely sure of course. I’m using cubase pro 10.0.5 version.

Does anyone know is there way to fix this?

Afaik the left locator has to be exactly on the start of a bar with count-in. If it is not (e.g. if you have “snap” off), it automatically “rounds” to the start of the previous bar. I guess this is because count-in is configured with full bars and not “2 bars and 1 eight note”.
I have the faintest recollection that this is configurable, but I might be wrong.