Activating Cubase 12 LE

I’m already a Dorico user but I was interested in trying out Cubase 12 LE. I downloaded it using the Steinberg Assistant but of course it cannot be used without a code. Can I find a simple piece of advice anywhere on the Steinberg website as to where I get that code from. In a word NO!

The LE versions are typically bundled with a physical product like a keyboard or audio interface and not available for purchase. The code should be included with that product - check the packing materials.

Unfortunately I didn’t buy any product it was bundled with. I assumed, wrongly it now seems, that already being a Dorico 4 user Steinberg would be delighted to help me try the LE version of Cubase 12. What a lot of potential new customers they must be missing out on. I guess I’ll stick with Reaper. Thanks for your fast response all the same.

Cubase LE and AI are OEM versions bundled with hardware, as @raino notes.

30-day trial versions of Cubase 12 should be available shortly - typically Steinberg makes the trial version available around four weeks after release, at the same time as the first maintenance release. The lowest version of Cubase available to buy is Cubase Elements.

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Here’s a chart that compares the different versions.

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