Activating Cubase 6 w/o installing?

Hi - I just received the C6 update from 4/5 > 6. I would rather not install C6 - can I just open the elicneser app and enter the activation code? Or…?


Yes, entering the activation code and upgrading the license is all that’s needed. It’s moot, really as activation of C6.5 anytime after Oct. 25th is all that’s needed to qualify for the grace period upgrade. You say 6, but I’m guessing you mean 6.5. Says all this in one of the stickies or at mysteinberg, IIRC.


Thanks guys. Yes - all I am trying to do is qualify for the grace period upgrade, thereby saving myself $50.

Actually, the box and DVD say 6 - not 6.5. Hmmmm…

Just recieved mine and the DVD says 6.5. Just activated and the license says 6.5 too. When did you order?

Doesn´t matter anyway if it´s only for the grace period update to C7.

I ordered on Thurs, from a retailer.

Right - this is what I am hoping…

I bought an LE4 to 6.5 upgrade a couple months back. I received a “6” box. When I entered the activation code it automatically popped up as 6.5.

I would just make sure you have the latest eLCC version installed and enter the activation code. You should be good to go, I think.

Yep - I am good.

Not sure who the genius was, who decided I should be forced into opening a web browser that I didn’t need to…

Now, do I have to enter anything into MySB?

No, only if you want to…

Trust me - I don’t want to. :laughing:

Thank you!

hye guys…
i just upgrade to cubase artist 6 from le5, get the same “pop-up” as Jeff Hayat… license been " cubase artist 6" was replaced by license “cubase artist 6.5”…
so it mean im on 6.5 right?? but am i still eligible for “cubase artist 7 grace period” then??

pleaseeee be good newsss :confused:

It means your license is on 6.5

If you still meet the conditions, which can still be read on the steinberg C7 product page page - then yes

So the license says 6.5 but I wonder what the actual version on the DVD is.

checked the e-lisencer, confirmed it 6.5… the dvd is 6
they gave me the link to download the 6.5… but i wonder wil i get the 7 on dec 5th??

what condition may i ask?

As said already: Those posted on the Steinberg C7 product page, or the “questions and answers” thread in the C 7 forum…

hmm… understood… so im in.

correct me if im wrong here,
this means i can download the 6.5, enjoy it for a week … and after dec 5th i will still get to upgrade FOC to 7 right?
meaning i get to upgrade twice :smiley: ??


You can enjoy it much longer than that, since C7 will install independently from other versions.