Activating cubase on a new computer

im trying to activate my cubase 10 on a new computer,
when i open the downloads assistant, in “my products” tab theres Cubase 10.5 - so ive downloaded it, put my activation number and it told me theres no license for upgrade.
so i went to the “cubase” tab and downloaded cubase 10 - “Cubase Pro 10.0.50_Full And Update Installer”, tried the activation number again and it also said theres no license for upgrade.

in my steinberg profile under products it say i have “Cubase Pro 10”

how can i know what kind exactly i have license for and should download? or theres something else im doing wrong? thank you!

So if the profile says “Cubase 10” you only have a license for Cubase 10.0 and not 10.5. The question is what edition do you have (Pro/Artist/Elements/LE) and what Operating System.

The activation code is a one time code and can not be used again. I guess you do not have a USB eLicenser (in that case you do not have the Pro release), instead you had a soft eLicenser. In that case you can find the information how to reactivate it here