Activating Dorico Pro 3.5 on a partition of HD

I’m on Mac OSX High Sierra with Dorico Pro 3.5 working fine. I’ve partitioned the disk and installed OSX Mojave on a 2nd partition the same hard drive in anticipation of soon upgrading to Dorico 4. Can I activate Dorico 3.5 to use under Mojave as well as High Sierra? Or how do I deactivate 3.5 on one partition to then reactivate it on the other (Mojave)?

I’m pretty sure that you would need to activate Dorico 3.5 on both partitions separately, unless you’re using the USB-eLicenser, in which case you could run it on either partition with the USB-eLicenser connected to your computer.

Thanks Daniel. I’m using the Soft-eLicenser. Yes, it needs to be activated on both partitions separately, but when I put the activation code in, on the Mojave partition, the eLicenser won’t accept it as it says the code is already in use. I don’t see a way to deactivate on the High Sierra partition, to then reactivate on Mojave.

No, indeed, you can’t do that. You’d need to use the reactivation workflow in MySteinberg to “move” your activation from one partition to the other. In practice this won’t remove Dorico from the other partition, so you don’t need to do this repeatedly (indeed, you cannot: there’s a limit on how often you can do it), but it will allow you to run Dorico on both partitions.

Thanks, Dorico is now running on the new partition under Mojave. The only oddity is it brings up an alert “Cannot locate Impulse Respone file LA Studio.wav” on opening up a project. Actually I’d already followed the reactivation procedure one time when my 2011 Mac died in 2020, somehow I managed to find the applicable info at the time to install Dorico on another computer.

You may want to refer to this thread:

Thanks again, a reinstallation has fixed it.