Activating dspMixFx software on multiple Windows computers

I am considering purchase of UR242. It comes with dspMixFx software, which is required to enable real-time hardware DSP effects. It appears that on Windows this software has to be activated with eLicenser.

I need to be able to control my Audio Interface from more than one Windows computer.

My question is, would I be able to install and activate dspMixFx software on multiple Windows computers?

I don’t think you need a USB eLicenser for that. The dspMixFX are built into the UR unit. In order to use those effects THROUGH the unit (i.e. real time), requires no extra license, etc. That being said, the package also comes with a PLUG-IN version of the amp effects for use within a DAW. THOSE effects require some form of eLicenser, either a USB or a software eLicenser. If you want to use the plug-in versions of the effects on multiple computers, the only way would be to put the license for those effects on a USB eLicenser and move it back and forth. If you don’t need to move the plug-in versions back and forth then you could put the license on a software eLicenser of one computer.

But, again, if you just want to use the real time dsp effects while playing (singing, etc.) through the inputs of the UR, no special license is needed.

Perhaps someone else can verify what I said before you spend your money! :smiley:

jaslan, thank you for your response.

I am referring to the Windows software called dspMixFX. I understand, that this software allows to enable and configure DSP effects in the UR unit for real time use. It makes sense, that I should be able to move my UR unit between multiple computers and control real time DSP effects from any computer while playing live music. But that means I need to have that Widows software dspMixFX installed on every computer I connect my UR unit to, otherwise I lose the ability to control these live effects (e.g. adjust compression or EQ during live performance).

But I read somewhere, that this dspMixFX Windows software has to be activated (I assumed with the local software eLicenser, not USB one).

I see in your signature, that you are using UR44, which also has hardware DSP effects . Are you using dspMixFX Windows software to control these effects? Did this software require activation, when you first installed it on Windows?

Thanks again.

I am away from home and don’t have the UR44 with me. When I get home on Wednesday, I will check it. I have two computers. With the new one (actually very recently got it) I just installed the tools (no activation required) plugged in the UR44 and the hardware portions worked. The plug-in versions of the effects will only work if a license is present (for me, it is on my USB dongle but you could also put it on a software licenser which can’t be easily moved between machines). The same is true for Cubase AI which comes with the UR. It requires a license, either on a USB eLicenser or software eLicenser.
Hopefully, someone can verify, but if you want to be certain, I will check it when I get back home on Wednesday.

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.