Activating licence permanently ??

Hi, I have decided to jump ship from Ableton which I have been using since version 3 to Cubase after finding the trial fitted perfectly with the way I work . I upgraded from Cubase 5 Essential ( which I only used a few times before going back to Live ) to Cubase Artist 7 .

I put the activation code on the USB -eLicenser and in MySteinberg activation status is Product Activated .

However when I launch Cubase it gives me the option to either launch Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7 and tells me the licence is not activated permanenly yet and that I may use it for another 24 hours ?

I have searched the forums but unable to get a answer and I would like to get going with Cubase asap .

I would be grateful if anyone would point out what I am doing wrong ?

Ha … same way like me … Essential … then Artist … and now the big gun cubase :slight_smile:

Ok … had the same dialog … just hit ESC or Command + . (on mac) … and it is gone :slight_smile:

You can reactivate the dialog via preferences in cubase … for Cubase Trial (the big one)

You also can just push Artist Trial … it will be the full version

Welcome aboard Alex.



Hi thanks for the reply - I did what you said but no luck .

However I replaced the new dongle that came in the box with my old dongle and for some reason the licence was updated to the old dongle and now works . I know I can transfer licences across but I think I will leave that to another day :slight_smile:

The newer dongles do have a 24 hours all applications license on them, which brings up the dialog you mentioned. If you choose one of the options, it will run this license until expired. If you cancel the dialogbox via the “x”, it will run the licensed program from your full license.

you have a 24 hour licence on a new dongle that allows you to use a licence of any sort for that amount of time , most people try to save it just in case of an emergency , I have 3 dongles , 1 for the studio ,one for the laptop and one with the 24 hour emergency licence fully intact .

welcome to cubase :wink:

Thanks all - will be keeping the new dongle as a emergency back up then .