Activating Read Should Be Undoable

When you click on the ‘R’ some fairly unpredictable things can happen.

For example, you may have a track where you -had- Volume automation, but turned ‘R’ off, left it off for a few days, forgot about yer old automation and changed the fader level. You hit ‘R’… now your old automation is back, but the fader level is lost.

Oops. That’s bad.

You should be able to hit Undo and restore the fader level you just lost as well as deactivate the ‘R’.

+1 bigtime…

Also, I wish “R” & “W” buttons for each automation track could be activated and deactivated separately. Maybe this is already possible but I can’t figure it out.

Regards :sunglasses:

Do you mean each individual automation lane for one track? Yes, that is possible. There’s a button on each lane that allows you to enable/disable each automation parameter separately. It’s the button with 3 small vertical lines.

Thank you very much. That “Mute Automation” button is exactly what I never knew about. Gee, I feel stupid. :blush:

Still a +1 for the OPs original request though. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: