Activating Read/Write Button Warning Dialogue

How many times has this happened to you…

You click the ‘R’ on a channel and watch in horror as the gain (or some other parameter) changes radically… probably because you de-activated the ‘R’ after adding some unneeded automation you’ve since forgotten about.

And since there’s no mixer undo, unless you remembered it’s previous value you’re screwed.

I would like an (optional) warning to
a) remind me that there is automation on the track that may affect the state of the channel if activated

b) If there -is- existing automation, offer to set an automation point at the CURRENTLY set value. That way you could re-activate the previous automation but not screw up yer current settings.

c) And there should be the ‘Don’t reminder me again’ option for those who don’t need this.

But this would save meinen arsch at least a couple times a week.

+1 for the optional warning. Also +1 for an undo function.

Regards :sunglasses: